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We have been managing properties since 2006. The owner, Tammy Leonard, spent 25 years in the legal field working primarily in real estate and did a complete career change in 2012. We stay up to date on the ever changing laws to protect not only the home owner but also the tenant. Our goal is to provide a personal touch to Property Managment.

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Tammy Leonard, spent 25 years in the legal field working primarily in real estate. In 2006 she joined the Davis Basta Law Firm In Palm Harbor, Florida as the Office Manager and Head Paralegal. Tammy has years of experience dealing with all types of real estate legal issues and was quite surprised at how much this experience helps her in Property Management. Tammy first starting managing properties at The Davis Basta Law Firm where she helped with the management of more than 90 properties. In 2012 Tammy resigned from the law firm and did a career change when she took a job in property management full time. Tammy was hired as a Property Manager for a large rental company in Tampa. That Company, Rent Solutions, was founded by Steve Oehlerking and is one of the largest Property Management Companies in the Tampa Bay Area. Tammy worked for the Company for just a few months when she was offered the position of Director of Property Management where she oversaw approximately 800 properties and seven other property managers. Tammy worked with Rent Solutions for 6 years before opening SKC Property Management in 2018. Here goal with SKC is to provide a more hands on approach to Property Management by personally visiting all property managed by her company, knowing the tenants, and knowing the owners. It is very typically Tammy is quoted as saying that "these Property Management Companies are owned by people that have never visited, not even one, of the properties their company is managing" Tammy is convinced that good property management comes from relationships with all parties. A property is a good investment if the owner is happy the tenant is happy and the Property Manager is paying attention.

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